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It’s truly amazing what happens when you find the link between inner and outer strength.  You feel great, and attract great energy.  My mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone!

Ever taken a yoga class and felt left out and frustrated? Always wondered what the secret is to holding crow pose? So busy you just can’t fit yoga into your routine?

I can help you!  Whether it’s online mentoring, one-on-one lessons, or just a little motivating nudge, I’m here for you.  I’ll even come to your office and teach a group class after work or on your lunch break!
Harness Your Inner Super Yogi Today!
10 Tips for Surviving Your First Yoga Class

10 Tips for Surviving Your First Yoga Class

Are you finally ready to wear those lovely legging to an actual class? Congrats, you’re about to embark on a meditative and healthy adventure! But what exactly should you expect your first time on the mat? Here are my 10 tips for surviving your first yoga class:

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“Yoga, I long believed, was for other people, definitely not me.  But Dina changed that. Through her warm rigor and energy, I’ve become a ‘yogi’ – a regular yoga-goer and lover.  She makes the practice not about ‘the universe,’ but about you.  Her approach is fun and non-judgmental.  Her classes are a cure-all, not to be missed.” Elmira Bayrasli

Consultant on Global Entrepreneurship

Current Group Class Schedule:


12:30PM – 1:30PM

Heated Vinyasa Flow

Surya Yoga, Jersey City

5:45PM – 6:45PM

Heated Vinyasa Flow

Surya Yoga, Hoboken

8:15PM – 9:15PM

Heated Vinyasa Flow

Surya Yoga, Hoboken



8:45AM – 9:45AM

Vinyasa Flow

Base, Jersey City

2PM – 3PM

Heated Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Vida, Tribeca

6PM – 7PM

Heated Candlelight Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Vida, NoHo

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