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FACT Stress is the leading cause of disease and employee absenteeism.

You don’t have to leave your office to get your zen on! I have many years of experience bringing yoga to corporate offices. Check out some of the lovely testimonials below from my corporate clients. I offer classes that are friendly to all ages, all bodies, and all ability levels, including brand new beginners! I also teach Chair Yoga sessions which are an excellent way to de-stress without even having to change out of your work clothes. You don’t need to have a company gym to host a yoga class. Yoga can be practiced in a spare conference room, lunchroom, meeting area, almost anywhere.

Enjoy this Business.com article for more on the benefits of yoga at work:

“6 Ways Yoga Can Improve Productivity at Work”

“Dina has been leading on-site yoga classes for our firm since 2013 and it’s been a great addition to our corporate wellness program. She’s an amazing teacher and makes everyone feel comfortable, whether they are a beginner or have a more advanced knowledge of yoga. Dina offers guidance and encouragement to each person, and really takes an interest in everyone’s well-being. We all look forward to her classes each week. I highly recommend Dina to anyone who is looking to promote health and wellness within their company. She’s terrific.”

Jody Schoolcraft

Human Resources Manager

“I met Dina while taking her Vinyasa Foundations class at a yoga studio.  I liked her and her style so much that I inquired with her about teaching a class at my office.  What started as a 5-class package has turned into a whole year and I’m sure we’ll renew for years to come.  The feedback from my colleagues has been nothing but positive and class has grown to a point where I need to cut off the rsvps so as to not overcrowd our conference room!  She has a great vibe and teaches a challenging yet soothing class.  Her poses can be modified depending on how much effort or skill you want to utilize and she’s also there to share laughs as well. I cannot recommend her enough.” Jessica Herstein

Assistant Director of Finance

“Dina has made my introduction to yoga a wonderful and enlightening experience.  I always thought yoga was mainly for hippies but Dina’s brand of yoga builds physical strength while also helping me improve my mind-body connection skills.  She’s a great teacher, so much so that the poses I learn in her class I’m able to do on my own at home.  Highly recommend Dina to anyone looking to improve their strength and relaxation skills!” Xenia Kobylarz

Public Relations Manager

“We have our class with Dina Tuesdays at noon. It is such a nice break from being in front of the computer.  I feel both relaxed and energized after the class and it makes me sit straight and tall when I go back to my computer.  It also helps focus on what need to get done for the rest of the day!  Thank you Dina!” Izumi Berat

Director for Web Initiatives

“I love practicing with Dina in the office.  She was especially accommodating while I was pregnant and gave me modifications so I could do prenatal yoga alongside my colleagues.  She is a wonderful instructor – cheerful, patient, and a breath of fresh air every week!” Nicole Pereira